Enid Blyton loved the cottage

Biography of Enid Blyton

canada goose uk outlet Enid Blyton’s Early LifeEnid Blyton was https://www.canada-goosejacketsale.org born on 11th August 1897 in East Dulwich, South London. She was born canada goose outlet in canada to Thomas and Theresa and had two younger brothers Hanly and Carey. canada goose uk outlet

After her birth, her parents relocated to Beckenham in Kent. It was in Kent that Enid Blyton spent many days of her childhood.

He loved to take Enid Blyton on long walks and taught her whatever he knew. He encouraged her and loved her very much. He also taught her about life and often told her that if she wanted anything badly then she had to work hard for it.

Enid Blyton’s mother Theresa was just the opposite of her father. Theresa canada goose outlet store new york believed that housework was very canada goose outlet winnipeg address important. She did not have any interest in reading or art. She felt that Enid Blyton should be helping with the household work rather than reading or going for nature walks with her father.

Enid Blyton at SchoolEnid Blyton was a good student. She was brilliant and excelled in art and the study of nature. The very first school she attended was a canada goose outlet store uk small one called “Tresco” just opposite to her house.

In 1907 Enid Blyton was enrolled at “St. Christopher’s School for Girls” in Beckenham. She was very popular in school and full of life. She excelled at studies and cultural activities.

cheap canada goose uk Enid Blyton excelled in the field of sports. She became the school’s tennis champion and was elected as the captain of the lacrosse team. She won many prizes and accolades. She was elected as the school’s Head Girl in her last two years as a student. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose factory sale A Devastating Turn of EventsWhen Enid Blyton was twelve years old, her father and mother separated. Enid was very close to her father and was devastated. canada goose factory sale

Enid Blyton continued to live with her mother. She was not happy at all because her mother never supported her writings. Irrespective of her mother’s disapproval Enid Blyton kept writing. She sent many of her stories and poems to magazines.

canada goose uk black friday Even though her mother did not support her, she was encouraged to keep writing by Mabel Attenborough, the aunt of Enid Blyton’s close canada goose womens outlet friend “Mary.” canada goose uk black friday

Froebel Based Teacher TrainingEnid enrolled in Guildhall School of Music in 1916. She was a talented in music and her family believed that she was going to become a musician. Enid Blyton did not want to become a musician. She felt that practicing playing the piano was a waste of time. She felt that she could spend the practice time in writing.

After having started her studies at Guildhall School of music, Enid Blyton had a sudden change of mind. She wanted to become a teacher. She felt that by becoming a teacher she would be close to the children for whom she wanted to write.

On September 16th, she started on a Froebel’s teacher training course at Ipswich High School. It was during this time that the relationship with her mother had completely soured, and she distanced herself canada goose outlet black friday sale from her entire family except her father. She used to visit her father in his office in London.

Canada Goose sale Enid Blyton’s Initial PublicationsMany of her stories and articles were published in periodicals in the year 1920. Canada Goose sale

Enid Blyton’s first canada goose outlet london uk book “Child Whispers” was released in 1922.

Canada Goose Outlet In 1923 many of her books, short story writings and canada goose factory outlet poetry were published. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Enid Blyton “Book of Bunnies”, her very first novel was published in 1925. canada goose

In 1926, she started writing in a fortnightly magazine “Sunny Stories for Little Folks.” This series became a huge hit.

Canada Goose Jackets The “Enid Blyton Book of Brownies” was published in 1927. Till then she wrote in longhand. Canada Goose Jackets

Married life of Enid BlytonOn 28th August 1924 she married Hugh Alexander Pollock, the canada goose outlet editor of the publishing firm George Newens. In 1926, the couple moved to their first house, the “Elfin Cottage” in Beckenham.

In 1929, they moved to the “Old Thatch” a cottage near the River Thames in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. Enid Blyton loved the cottage, and it was here that she enjoyed a social life. She loved to play tennis and bridge.

On July 15th, 1931 she gave birth to a daughter whom she named Gillian and on 27th October 1935 she had another daughter, Imogen.

In 1938, she published a book of adventures titled the ” Secret Island”. Enid Blyton plunged herself into more writing and had little time to spend with her children. She relied on her domestic staff for all the housework. In 1950, she released the book “Pole Star Family and Ship of Adventure”.

During this time, her husband Hugh was working with Churchhill for his work about the First World War. He slowly went into depression knowing that they were about to enter into a Second World War.

Canada Goose Parka Enid and her husband Hugh were very busy and spent a little time together. They slowly grew apart and finally divorced. Canada Goose Parka

It was during this time Enid became very close to Dorothy Richards, a maternity nurse who had helped her after the birth of her child Imogen. Enid relied heavily canada goose outlet online store on Dorothy Richards for mental and physical support.

In 1938, Enid Blyton moved to another house in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire with the help of Dorothy. This house occupied a space of two and a half acres built in the Tudor style.

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