If they floated, they were proclaimed to be a witch and killed

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Canada Goose Online Sgt. Eyman and Officer Nolan passed Pierpont and Mary Kinder going in the opposite direction as they neared the tourist camp. Nolan recognized the Buick, made a u turn, and effected a chase. More tests involved forcing the witches canada goose outlet online uk to recite the Lord’s Prayer without mistake and also tying rocks around their ankles and seeing if they sank or floated when thrown into the river. If they floated, they were proclaimed to be a witch and killed. If they sank, it was said that they were innocent but most of the time those people died by drowning before anyone could pull them up from the bottom! Another stupid test was to examine the body of an accused witch for the “mark of the canada goose outlet seattle devil”, which was canada goose outlet vancouver said to be a black or dark mark somewhere on the body. Canada Goose Online

canada goose coats Driving from Agra to Gwalior, the beehad or ravines of Chambal become visible even before one approaches Morena, a district town in Madhya Pradesh. The undulating landscape, dotted with mud hillocks and thorny shrubs, spreads on both sides of the highway, the jungle cover thickening in the distance. From the highway, few signs of human settlement can be spotted in the ravines a scattering of huts here and there and some temples along the road canada goose coats.

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