Michael Mann a frequent target of denialist ire as the

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This Hub discusses instances of threat, intimidation, abuse and libel directed against climate scientists and spokespersons. The original post is from www.buy-canadagoose.net July of 2011; regrettably, multiple updates have been dictated by events.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Those updates appear in mostly chronological order, though there is some alteration of that for thematic logic. Each is headed in bold type for ease of navigating. (Sadly, Hubpages does not support internal links which would allow you to click to them.) Canada Goose Coats On Sale

The most recent posted 2 12 14 concludes the canada goose outlet near me sad saga of the abusive investigations of Dr. Charles Monnett by canada goose outlet montreal the BOEM. (Update 2a.)Well I must be canada goose jacket outlet store fair here so far it’s not actually force just the threat of it. Ideological firebrands on the right, people of the ilk of Rush canada goose outlet florida Limbaugh, have long applied violent and defamatory language to scientists concerned about climate change. For example, on his November 24, 2009 show, Limbaugh stated that scientists involved in the global warming “hoax” should be “named and fired, drawn and quartered, or whatever it is.” (Drawing and quartering was a particularly gruesome Medieval torture/execution/mutilation.)

In the blogosphere, the scientists have been reviled (not always coherently) as frauds, fascists, socialists, murderers, parasites, and worse. Things turned particularly bad in canada goose victoria parka outlet the wake of the so called Climategate hack (in which emails were stolen from the servers of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.)

Dr. The most troubling said things like “Someone, somewhere, will hunt you down,” or “Expect us at your door to say hello.” The result for Dr. Jones was depression, rapid weight loss, suicidal thoughts and a reliance on anti anxiety medications a decline that reportedly stunned his friends.

Attacks have also taken place in the print media: Dr. Rajendra Pachauri was falsely alleged to have profited from his position canada goose outlet legit as head of the International Panel on Climate Change; and Dr. Andrew Weaver was similarly defamed by Canada’s National Post:

buy canada goose jacket I asked the National Post to do the right thing, to retract a number canada goose outlet washington dc of recent articles that attributed to me statements I never made, accused me of things I never did, and attacked me for views I never held. To my absolute astonishment, the newspaper refused. buy canada goose jacket

Both cases were settled favorably to the scientists who had been libelled, and the defamatory statements were retracted.

canada goose uk outlet Official intimidation has been forthcoming, too. For instance, Dr. Michael Mann a frequent target of denialist ire as the architect of the so called “hockey stick” graph, has for over a year now been the target of investigation by the Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Outlet In April 2010, Cuccinelli issued subpoenas for a lengthy list of Mann’s papers while at the University of Virginia, including years worth of emails to 39 named individuals. The rationale was that Mann had received a state grant while on faculty at the University of Virginia, and though the work specified in that grant had been satisfactorily completed, Mann had used his professional resume in applying for the grant and since the “hockey stick graph” was false (according to Mr. Cuccinelli) that meant that Dr. Mann had fraudulently applied for the grant. Canada Goose Outlet

On August 30, a Virginia judge rejected this theory, writing:

Canada Goose canada goose outlet online “The nature of the conduct is not stated so that any reasonable person could glean what Dr. Mann did to violate the statute.” Canada Goose online

On September 29, Cuccinelli offered canada goose outlet orlando a slightly redrawn “Civil Investigative Demand.” Five days later the University of Virginia revealed that it had spent $350,000 to that date in legal expenses more than the original grant had been worth. It is not known how much the Attorney General’s office has spent on the investigation so far.

canada goose The matter of the original ruling is before the Virginia Supreme Court, and the new Demand is unresolved. Costs continue to mount, despite widespread denunciations of the witchhunt as both expensive and chilling to academic freedom. canada goose

canada goose factory sale Update: As of March 2012, Cuccinelli has lost at the state Supreme Court level; it is unclear whether any further options to continue the witch hunt exist, though the willingness to do so apparently does. Direct costs to the taxpayer have reportedly exceeded $600,000. canada goose factory sale

Virginia Supreme Court tosses out AG Cuccinelli inquisition on Michael Mann Climate Science Watch

Opinion piece on case. States that UVA spent $600,000 to defend the suit, though this was “raised from private funds.” (Presumably since only a relatively small proportion of UVA funding is from the state.)

Canada Goose Online Ken Cuccinelli. Image Tony Alter and Wikimedia Commons. Canada Goose Online

canada goose black friday sale Political and fiscal intimidation is in play, too; the Republican majority in the canada goose jacket outlet uk House of Representatives has repeatedly tried to use the power of the purse against any hint of action that might help control carbon emissions. On February 18, for example, they voted to defund EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and in March attempted to defund the EPA completely canada goose black friday sale.

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