Next to that, there’s a wooden jetty, jutting out into the

Many Regard Climate Change As The Greatest External Threat

Fernando Rojas is holding up a photograph of a pocket of countryside, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains, that has been his home, his livelihood, and his passion for all of his 74 years.

His picture shows a lake, brimming with water, in front of a range of hills that are silhouetted by the sun. In the foreground, by the water’s edge, there’s a small boat, ready to set sail. Next to that, there’s a wooden jetty, jutting out into the waves.

You would hardly know that this image, taken in Chile just a few years ago, is of the same depleted landscape on which Rojas is now canada goose jacket outlet standing, grim faced, puzzled and canada goose outlet uk fake he says full of sadness.

canada goose store There is nobody who has not been affected by climate change, directly or indirectly, here in Chile. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket Most of the water has gone. The jetty is marooned in a sea of mud and grass. Beside it, there is a new wire fence, erected to keep out horses and cattle that are grazing on the lake’s bed. Some boats are still there, stored away under canvas. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance What water is left in the lake is in the hazy distance about half of a mile away, a languid puddle, less than 3 feet deep, fringed by weeds and white egrets. canada goose clearance

The Laguna de Aculeo as this lake’s known used to be a favorite retreat for many of the cheap canada goose 7 million citizens of Chile’s capital, canada goose shop uk Santiago, 45 miles to the north.

canada goose uk shop For much of his life, Rojas farmed around the lake, growing melons and corn. He says the lake, which depends entirely on rainfall, began to shrink about seven years ago, and “got lower and lower and lower.” canada goose uk shop

The lake was roughly four times the size canada goose outlet legit of New York’s Central Park. Rojas used to motor across it in a small boat to buy groceries. That same journey is now a walk. Lakeside villa prices collapsed “no one wants to buy them, if they are not beside the water,” he remarks and so have parts of the local economy.

Families “in penury”

Local people are canada goose outlet toronto factory “suffering [because] they depend on the water,” says Claudio Mella, an orthopedic surgeon in Santiago, who owns one of the villas and has been coming to the lake with his family for 15 years. “We have a lot of good friends here, and many of them have some depression, some family problems.”

Among those dependent on the lake is Oriana Lopez, who’s 55. Her once thriving windsurfing business has received no clients for about five years, she says. Many people have had to leave the area, because of the lack of jobs. She, however, will stay and struggle on.

canada goose uk outlet “I was born and raised here,” she says tearfully, “I love this land.” canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose online Chile has been through an unusually severe seven year drought that hit the central and southern areas where most of its population of 17 million lives. The affected zone includes the Laguna de Aculeo. Canada Goose online

“We have been calling it the mega drought canada goose jacket outlet sale because it has been very extended in space and in time,” says Maisa Rojas, a climatologist from the University of Chile. “We have seen this before, but never so widespread.” Although there has been a recent increase in precipitation, scientists are not yet sure if the drought’s over.

Studies are now underway investigating ways of saving the lake. “If canada goose outlet miami nothing is done, it is possible the lake will dry out in a couple of years. It’s on the edge,” says Felipe Martin, a leading hydrologist who used to head the commission that develops Chile’s water resource policy.

Martin is canada goose outlet vancouver among those working on rescue plans. He says the lake lost some water after its aquifers were disrupted by Chile’s 2010 earthquake. But drought is a major factor, and he blames that on climate change.

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PHOTOS: Wild Weather In Chile Leaves Millions Without Access To Running Water

uk canada goose outlet More than just drought uk canada goose outlet

For Chile, the possible impact of climate change has now become an issue of profound concern on numerous fronts, from melting glaciers to conflicts over water rights between big agricultural businesses and small farmers.

“There is nobody who has not been affected by climate change, directly or indirectly, here in Chile,” says Matias Asun, director of Greenpeace Chile.

Chile’s Environment Minister, Marcelo Mena, cites “temperature anomalies” of 2 degrees Celsius in parts of Chile, and says there is “no space for climate denial because we see climate change threatening us in multiple shapes.”

Mena points to a wave of disasters that has hit Chile recently, including deadly floods and landslides, and a giant “red tide” when an algae bloom, fueled by unusually warm sea temperatures, wiped out millions of fish, including 20 percent of the salmon production.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale In January fed by drought conditions the worst wildfires in Chile’s history ripped across the landscape, destroying canada goose outlet paypal more than 2,300 square miles, including large areas of forests, and threatening some of the country’s famous vineyards Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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