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How much longer should the show run

canada goose factory sale 3. Keep posts related to MLP or the fandom. You should be able to tell it related without reading the title. Off topic discussion with other fans should go to the MLPLounge. canada goose factory sale

canadian goose jacket 4. No [fixed] submissions unless you are creating original content. Editing a title or pasting a vector into a submission that already exists is not allowed. In addition, recent reposts are subject to removal. I feel like the cast has gotten pretty bloated, and while the rot may have yet to set in there is definitely an argument to be made for pairing things back a little and trimming the cast down here or there. canadian goose jacket

canada goose Having said all that, I be fine with Gen 4 carrying on for another 8 seasons and several movies if the stories were solid. I not one of these guys that thinks the show needs to be killed off while it canada goose outlet belgium still good so I won have any bad memories of it. (Though realistically that partially because I recognize there have been several flawed episodes already so there no stuffing that particular genie back in its bottle.) canada goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale I think if we were canada goose outlet locations in toronto just going off of what I personally would want, then I would canada goose outlet trillium parka black want gen 4 to go to 10 seasons. Whatever they have planned for season 9 and then a 10th season that isn even focused on the Mane 6 and instead expands on but at the same time wraps up all of the loose ends for the various side characters we come to sort of know and kind of love over the course of the shows life. I thought too many characters would be an issue but the second half of the season introduced only a couple new characters and there was good focus on the characters who were in the season while the show did not feel like someone like Luna, Ember or Thorax had to have more than an appearance so overall it was balanced. Indeed they were the friendliest creatures the Mane 6 encountered on their journey (aside from Queen Novo who rightly didn’t want to hand over her kingdoms treasure and national defense to another species just on their says so.) Canada Goose Coats On Sale

There were many ways that hippogriffs could have been integrated into the canada goose outlet website legit show after the scene where it’s established the places visited in the canada goose outlet uk sale movie now appear on the Cutie Map that don’t involve Twilight starting a friendship school.

Canada Goose online and have the anti canada goose outlet buffalo racism message Canada Goose online

cheap canada goose uk Was it though? Twilight assuming that no other race knows ‘anything about friendship’ seems very racist to me, especially given past experiences with Griffons like Gaby and Changelings like Thorax. It comes off like the ‘white savior’ trope, that the poor lesser races just can’t figure out friendship without ponies guiding the way. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose black friday sale The show may not have stuck with this canada goose outlet store montreal premise, having the Student 6’s friendships blooming naturally and eventually defeating Vozy Glow without the need of help from ponies, but the initial premise of the School Of Friendship is much more racist than anti racist. It’s part of why Neighsay and the rest of the EEA misunderstood and thought the school was for ponies to defend themselves from other races. canada goose black friday sale

I thought too many characters would be an issue but the second half of the season introduced only a couple new characters and there was good focus

uk canada goose It’s funny you mention the second half as most agreed that the first half of season canada goose outlet 8 was pretty abysmal. When the student 6 were first introduced they barely had any development or focus and mostly seemed to serve as background props. This was a problem that was mostly resolved in the second half of the season but it was a real problem for most of season 8 and it shows that character bloat has become canada goose outlet online a real problem for the show to have to tackle if it takes most of a season just to give featured characters for the season some kind of backstory and character arc. uk canada goose

canada goose clearance So I think it’s good to indroduce new elements if there is a good plan what to do with them and a reason and it keeps the world progressing and not stuck in some timeless stage. canada goose clearance

I agree that it is fine canada goose outlet usa to introduce new elements, but I think the show has gotten to the point where it’s introducing at minimum six new characters each season as a way to distract from the Mane 6 no longer having story arcs/repeating arcs they already completed. Most of the strongest episodes in season 8 had almost nothing to do with the Mane 6 and instead had their focus squarely on side characters. Even the season opener and closer could be said to have less to do with the main cast and more to do with characters that were only introduced this season. I feel the closest we come to that is Venture Bros, since the “kids” actually get older and change physically. I sure they tackle Chrysalis and wrap her arc up and perhaps explore some of the Young Six and perhaps some other mythos, like we got with the Kirin(else we may just get another ep or two with the Kirin, else wise I can see why they introduce them just to never bring them up again). And of course we bound to get more of that awakening tree biz, feels like they could wrap all that up in a season.

for G5, I remaining hopeful about it until I see otherwise. A good cartoon is still a good cartoon even if we have to put up the fact that it boils down to merch sales.

Overall, I left with the sense that while the M6 characters may have been explored to death in the confines of the show normal ranges, by pushing the envelope a little further or actually working with background characters they could produce even more fantastic content.

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