The story in my family is that I was so insistent on having a

You’re also missing the point. These anti capitalism/consumerist people are all too lazy to take a single step themselves towards the system they want. Get a cheaper phone, cheaper laptop, stop eating at restaurant chains, don’t buy products off of amazon, use alternatives to google, stop shopping at major clothing/department stores, sell your car and use public transportation, donate a larger portion of your salary to charity, stop buying any large brand for any reason, grow as much your own food as you can, etc.

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I was three when my brother was born. The story in my family is that I was so insistent on having a brother that my parents had an extra anatomy ultrasound to see if they needed to ease me canada goose outlet toronto factory into the idea of having a sister. During the ultrasound, they found an issue with my brother kidneys that was easily fixed after birth, but could have been bad if they weren prepared..

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